Dorian Opera - Crusade 1212
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Dorian Operas „Crusade“ is an epic piece telling a story full of war and romance, loss, grief and hope. With racing speed this drama takes you along on an adventures journey, which is perfectly represented by the music. Constant restlessness, war and tempests are pictured and driven into a dramatic climax through complex and impulsive rhythms. The new concept album is based on a true event from the European medieval history: in the year of 1212, some thousands of French and German young people made their way to the Holy Land – the event which later became known as the Children's Crusade; this journey was at times just torterous,and had ended up in a disaster . Sven The Axe – lead vocals Oliver Weislogel – electric and acoustic guitars Andrew Roussak – keyboards, backing vocals Joe Eisenburger - bass Harry Reischmann – drums Special guest: Alexandra Goess - lead vocals Produced , recorded and engineered by Oliver Weislogel Mastered by Christian Schmid at Music Factory, Kempten All lyrics by Andrew Roussak & Sven The Axe Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 composed by Oliver Weislogel Tracks 1, 8, 9 composed by Oliver Weislogel & Andrew Roussak Tracks 6, 10 composed by Andrew Roussak Bandphotos by Rod Meier All layouts by Sven The Axe Coverartwork by Tuomas Pekkarinen, represented by Rainer Kalwitz, Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by Dorian Opera. SOLEMNITY MUSIC under license to Dorian Opera 2011 Status of the CD: audio CD, transparent tray, 16-page color booklet.
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"The level of musicianship displayed here is rather stunning and outstanding, powerful musical interactions, well thought out songs that feature some really interesting time changes that is married by what can only be described as outstanding dexterity from all the participants. This is a band that plays high energy music, tearing their instruments up with style. We are talking about a band that has brought all their elements together, taking influence from the likes of Dream Theater, Symphony X and classic bands such as Yes, Rush and ELP and adding baroque, classical, renaissance and medieval music into the mix. This can only lead to an exercise in high craftsmanship placed in the right hands; these are the hands and the band don’t disappoint..."
John O'Boyle for DPRP, 17.04.2011 Rating 8/10 DPRP recommended.
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